Solar Pool Covers Cut Maintenance Needs

If you would like to keep your outdoor swimming pool debris-free and comfortably heated in cooler weather, installing a solar pool cover may be the best solution to your problem. Pool solar covers utilize the sun’s energy and keep your pool warmly heated during the night, on cloudy days, and throughout the winter season. Solar Panels Brisbane The pool cover traps in heat during the day and maintains the pool at a relaxing and swimmable temperature—prolonging your opportunities to swim throughout the day and throughout the seasons. They are cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Solar covers not only serve as a good solar pool heating system, but also as a way to keep debris and other waste matter out of the pool as well. It keeps the water from evaporating too quickly and also cuts down on the frequency of chlorination. In addition to achieving the same objectives any formal pool heating system would, pool covers come with the added benefit of reducing and minimizing heating costs via solar energy. Even if you have an indoor pool, a cover can take over the role of energy-consuming exhaust fans and thus increase your overall savings.

Some noteworthy benefits:

Cuts down on heating costs (>70%)
Cuts down on evaporation (<95%)
Saves chemicals, energy, and money
Keeps pool cleaner
Made from durable resins
Unobtrusive to the eye
Light and easy to maneuver
Clear cover material encourages transmissivity and improves heating
Solar pool covers are made of resin sheets and polymer. Its thickness can range from a standard cover of 8mm to a high quality cover of 15mm. Air bubbles in the pool cover trap the sun’s energy and conveniently transmit it into the pool. The solar cover floats atop the surface of the pool by means of the upwards facing air bubbles inside the cover. Through an extrusion process the polymer sheets are created and fitted into whatever the size the pool is. They come in rectangular, circular, and free-fitting sheets that can be custom fitted to any irregular shaped pool. In this case, the manufacturer will fit together and combine however many sheets it takes to fill the measurements of your pool.

Given the proper care and maintenance, solar pool covers can last you for up to a lifetime’s use. A few things to remember for preserving your solar cover include:

Check the chlorine levels regularly (every 4-6 weeks) – excess chlorine causes the air bubbles in the cover to become damaged—making it flaky and close to useless
Prevent cover leaching – since the cover helps to prevent evaporation, it is best to check chlorine levels especially during the first week of installation in order to maintain a good balance of chlorine in the pool.

Wrap it up – when the pool is not in use, it is advisable to not only roll over the solar pool cover but to wrap it with a protective over cover to prevent sun damage to the resin (harsh sunlight may cause the cover to burn or crack)

If you keep these simple precautionary measures in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool and the benefits of your solar pool cover all year long.