Beyond IPO Implications Of A Public Facebook

No doubt, Facebook’s IPO will be popular (or notorious) in the public market’s history. chat with a stranger Notably, it is still a young company that is testing the waters. To ensure a successful future for Facebook, the following points should be considered.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook’s growth is due to the sharing factor. However, with this sharing comes increased pressure and risk to user privacy. Since its inception, Facebook has made an effort to ensure that its clients enjoy privacy. There have been momentous improvements, massive blunders and increased tensions as the company continues to share even beyond their comfort zones.

The company has implemented stringent measures along the way, and has at the same time attempted to balance by giving users some certain degree of control. The passive sharing and the new Timeline have raised the bar once again. Despite the different opinions on the privacy record of Facebook, privacy continues being a litmus test for the company. Despite all these, everyone is waiting to see how the social media giant balances privacy against innovation.

How will Facebook maintain its top talent? You can see people moving around as they vest and cash out. Just like Google, Facebook will maintain its status for some time, and some will take the opportunity to make a change within Facebook.


For the past eight years, Facebook has been private but with a very open internal culture. The management has invested heavily to maintain this open culture, and has reduced the amount of information shared inside the company. This will increase as the company embraces the IPO.

Mergers and Acquisitions
After the acquisition of Instagram, most venture-backed start-up dreams of meeting with the M&A team of Facebook. Will the company continue on smaller acquisitions or change to major deals to move forward? Such a speculation is what would happen if Facebook acquires Bing from Microsoft. The addition of such an engine would present Facebook advertisers with a direct response medium that was not present from the onset. However, acquiring Bing could be distractive from social sharing.

Everyone is watching closely how Facebook will excel in a different relationship with the recent shareholders. Will the company share its platform with investors? Despite all these, Facebook has the opportunity to transform the way they relate with investors.

Most of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising. What will the company do when it shifts to appeal its mobile users? Notably, it is hard to monetize users on the mobile platforms. We want to see how Facebook will use mobile advertising to the full advantage.

Facebook has a huge user base. They can use this to possess and leverage data on a huge scale. The data is full of social graphs, likes, affinities, and recent behaviors.